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TMA Functions

Functions and powers of the Tehsil Municipal Administration.

The functions and powers of the Tehsil Municipal Administration, according to the PLGO 2001, shall be to:

(a)     prepare spatial plans for the tehsil in collaboration with Union Councils,

          including plans for land use, zoning and functions for which the Tehsil

          Municipal Administration is responsible;


(b)     seek approval of the Tehsil Council for the spatial plans prepared by it

          after due process of dissemination and public enquiry, incorporating

          modifications on the basis of such inquiry;


(c)     execute and manage development plans;


(d)     exercise control over land-use, land-subdivision, land development

          and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including for

          agriculture, industry, commerce markets, shopping and other employment

          centers, residential, recreation, parks, entertainment, passenger and

          transport freight and transit stations;


(e)     enforce all municipal laws, rules and bye-laws governing its functioning:


          Provided that the Tehsil Municipal Administration may, with the approval

          of  Tehsil Council, exempt any Union from application of any specific

          provision of the bye-laws made by the Tehsil Council under this Ordinance:


          Provided further that the Government may, on the recommendations of

          Tehsil Municipal Administration through District Government, exempt any

          Union or a part thereof from the application of rules relating to land use, 

          building control, tax on property or in any other matter dealing with

          municipal services:


          Provided also that such exemption shall not extend to any organised housing 

          schemes, zoning of industrial and commercial areas, and matters concerning

          environmental protection;


(f)     prevent encroachments;


(g)    regulate affixing of sign-boards and advertisements;


(h)    provide, manage, operate, maintain and improve the municipal infrastructure

         and services, including­


(i)     water supply and control and development of water sources, other than

         systems maintained by the Union and Village Councils;


(ii)    sewage and sewage treatment and disposal;


(iii)   storm water drainage;


(iv)    sanitation and solid waste collection and sanitary disposal of  solid, liquid,

          industrial and hospital wastes;


(v)     roads and streets, other than roads falling under the jurisdiction of, and

          maintained by the District Government, and streets maintained

          by the Union Administration or Village Council;


(vi)    traffic planning, engineering and management including traffic signalling

          systems, signs on roads, street markings, parking places, transport stations,

          stops, stands and terminals;


(vii)  street lighting;


(viii) fire fighting;


(ix)   parks, playgrounds, open spaces and arboriculture; and


(x)    slaughter houses;


(i)      compile information provided by Union and Village Councils of prioritized projects

           in the tehsils;


(j)      prepare budget, long term and annual municipal development programmes in

          collaboration with the Union Councils, under the directions of Tehsil Administrator;


(k)     maintain, with the assistance of the District Government, Union and Village

          Councils, a comprehensive data base and information system for Tehsil Municipal

          Administration and provide public access to it on nominal charges;


(1)    propose taxes, cesses, user fees, rates, rents, tolls, charges, surcharges, levies, fines

         and penalties under Part-III of the Second Schedule for approval of the Tehsil

         Council and notify the same after such approval; and


(m)   collect approved taxes, cess, user fees, rates, rents, tolls, charges, fines and



(n)    organize sports, cultural, recreational events, fairs and shows;

(nn)   organize cattle fairs and cattle Markets;

(o)     co-ordinate and support municipal functions amongst Unions and Villages

(p)     regulate markets and services and issue licenses, permits, grant permissions and

         impose penalties for violation thereof as and where applicable;


(q)    manage properties, assets and funds vested in the Tehsil Municipal Administration;


(r)    develop and manage schemes, including site development in collaboration with

         District Government and Union Administration;


(r)    authorize an officer or officers to issue notice to a person committing any

        municipal offence and initiate legal proceedings for continuance of commission of

        such offence or for failure to comply with the directions contained in such notice;


(s)    prosecute, sue and follow up criminal, civil and recovery proceedings against 

         violators of municipal laws in the courts of competent jurisdiction;


(t)    maintain municipal records and archives; and


(u)   prepare financial statements and present them for internal and

        external audit in the manner as may be prescribed.


(2)   The Tehsil Municipal Administration may,­


(a)   assign or contract out, on such terms and conditions as are approved by the Tehsil  

        Council and after inviting public objections, any of its functions to any public-private, 

        public or private organization:


         Provided that responsibility for discharge of such functions shall continue to vest     

         with  the Tehsil Municipal Administration.


 (b)   on such terms and conditions as are mutually agreed, transfer its functions or

         responsibilities with regard to providing municipal services to the Union 

         Administration or Village Council:


         Provided that no function or responsibility shall be transferred without allocation of 

         corresponding resources and funds:


         Provided further that the responsibility to regulate and monitor such functions and

         services shall remain with the Tehsil Municipal Administration.


 (c)   by an agreement and on such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed,  

         perform any function of the District Government;


 (d)   with funds raised through voluntary contributions or external grant, but without 

         recourse to additional enhanced taxation, user charges or fees or recourse to any 

         other sources of public funds and without incurring debt of any nature, undertake any 

         development project;


(e)   with the approval of the Government and concerned regulatory authorities of the

        Federal Government and Provincial Government, set-up, acquire, manage and operate

        any commercial activity on a self-financing basis with no liability to the public

        exchequer; and


(f)   set-up a corporate body to perform any of its functions, singly or jointly with other 

        public or private bodies:


         Provided that responsibility for discharge of such functions

         shall continue to vest with the Tehsil Municipal Administration.


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